Freeture 3D soft pumping Manual Pump Model 2301SY

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  • Silence Operation
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic designed
  • Feature with 3D pumpingĀ  action
  • Suction Power: -0.026MPa(Max)
  • BreastShield size: 24mm
  • Compatible with breastshield kit model 107 which comes with most horigen electric pumps, enabling immediate switching during unforeseen situation from electric to manual operation by interchanging the handle assembly.
  • A must have for every mother along side electric pump for unforeseen circumstances
  • Retail pack content: contains
    • 1 set of manual pump with 3D breastshield (model 107)
    • 1 user manual
    • 1 set of breastshield kits, each set of breastshield kit comes with :
      • 1 piece of milk bottle stand
      • 1 set of milk bottle cap+teat+cover
      • 1 piece of wide to standard neck milk bottle adapter
      • 2 pieces of white membrane (spare)

Additional information

Weight 0.718 kg
Dimensions 275 × 108 × 244 cm

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