Product Registration

Warranty Condition

  1. ONE year warranty starts from Date of Purchase or Baby Birth Date, whichever is later.
  2. Only the pump unit is under warranty. Normal wear and tear are not covered.
  3. Warranty is valid in Singapore only and purchased from authorised channels.
  4. Current authorize channels are : 1010 retail shops,, ourlittlelamb sales booth
  5. Warranty is available to the registered customer only. It is not transferable, negotiable or assignable to a third party.
  6. Online Registration email and purchase receipt have to be produced when bringing your breast pump for servicing or repair.
  7. Contact for detail warranty claim arrangement each time.
  8. Customers are encouraged to register their warranty as soon as they purchase their breast pumps even though they have not delivered
  9. If warranty starts from Baby Birth Date, customers will need to produce a copy of their Baby Birth Certificate (which is no more than 6 months later than the purchase date).
  10. Any sign of machine being tampered with or QC seal is broken result in void of warranty.
  11. Exclusion
    • Any damages cause by improper care or improper usage.
    • Damages cause by accident or sign of drop from height.
      –  Any water or breastmilk which gets into the breastpump motor
      –  Any Cracks which appears on any parts of the breastpump
    • Any defects in Breastpump accessories including:
      –  Personal Fit Breastshield and Breastshield connectors
      –  Valves and Membrane
      –  Tubings
    • Replacement set (if any) from warranty claim assume the balance warranty period from the original purchase.

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